After more than 30-years of experience in industrial painting, we’ve seen and handled just about every situation. Our staff has decades of expertise in this sector where meeting safety and industry regulations is non-negotiable.

From Storage Tanks to Dockside Cranes, Transmission Masts to Bridges, the past 30 years have seen Fangeos responsible for the maintenance painting of many large or tall structures.

Difficult Access has been particularly challenging on many of the structures we have maintained, we have developed systems over the years to Solve these problems.

Using our expertise and safe working practices, we have achieved a first class job.
On time! Every time! We have been involved in the development and testing of

manufacturers’ specialist coatings, Our client base includes Government Agencies, Rail track and Oil Companies.

Fangeos Marine Division is a highly skilled workforce with in depth experience. Whether environmental conditions are difficult or problems exist below the water line, we have the training and experience to cope in all situations.

All preparation and painting works in these difficult environments must be carried out in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (1990) – which established a regime of pollution control for land, air and water. Fangeos have been taking a closer look for years!