Interior works

Painting and specialty coating applications in manufacturing and processing plants goes way beyond walls and ceilings. Customer needs range from maintaining clean room standards in regulated laboratories, to application of specialty coatings inside storage tanks, along with the sandblasting and repainting of machines and assembly line equipment.

Fangeos is ready when you are, with little or no business interruption concerns. Let us show you how a well-run painting business serves its customers. Our performance systems were developed specifically for painting in active, industrial environments. Consider the excellent relationships we maintain with major liability carriers, all to meet the exposure needs of our industrial customers.


Exterior works

Safely repainting in and around a busy factory setting is a perfect showcase of our operating systems. We have worked in food making and storage facilities, pharmaceuticals, fragrance makers, electronics manufacturing and more. Concerns for shipping and receiving activities require a painting contractor with manufacturing experience to juggle traffic, maintain a safe work environment and get out fast.

Surface maintenance in and around manufacturing and processing plants require experience, and a long list of qualifications highlighting: safety, application of high-performance coatings, employee certification, environmental safeguards and property protection. Count on Fangeos Painting for sandblasting, lead abatement, paint and coating application, even logos and lettering on buildings, towers and storage tanks.

Our team also offer a high quality process where both preparation and application of sophisticated coatings can prevent costly contamination of edible products during shipment and storage. In addition we can provide linings with certificates of compliance and approval for Drinking Water, Specialist Fuels and Food Products.

From submarines and aircraft carriers to dockside cranes, we have painted and restored throughout the UK and can quote for any job.