All preparation and painting works in these difficult environments must be carried out in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (1990) – which established a regime of pollution control for land, air and water.

We at Fangeos recognize this and a detailed Method Statement is compiled for every project with procedures developed specific to each client’s needs.

Whether it be Oil Storage Tanks, Air Receivers or Gas Spheres, we take into consideration removal of contaminated waste and the relationship of the painting process to the resulting emissions.


The selection of tank linings is important in maintaining the purity of stored chemicals, therefore consideration is also given to the durability of such materials in order to maximize the clients investment.

Our team also offer a high quality process where both preparation and application of sophisticated coatings can prevent costly contamination of

edible products during shipment and storage. In addition we can provide linings with certificates of compliance and approval for Drinking Water, Specialist Fuels and Food Products.

Whatever your needs – Fangeos have it covered!!!!