Rope Access

Rope Access

Fangeos Rope Access & Abseiling Service provide cost effective solutions to access difficult to reach areas in a wide range of environments, from High-Rise buildings, Deep Shafts, Towers and Bridges to Spheres, Silos & Storage tanks etc..

Our operatives are experienced tradesmen who are trained in all aspects of safe working from rope access systems.

There are massive benefits using rope access over conventional scaffolding and power access machines, quite apart from the obvious financial advantages.


Rope Access

No unsightly scaffolding, which in turn reduces the inherent security risks of scaffolding, no impeded vehicular or pedestrian access, Minimal noise, the list goes on.

The applications where rope access can be used are wide & varied, inspections, numerous building maintenance services, painting, and cleaning, advertising and photographic work.

Using industrial abseiling & general rope access is a recognized safe method of working on a range of tall structures and confined spaces.
For over 30 years As Rope Access Specialists we’re able to solve most of the problems working at heights can present through our tried & tested systems.

Fangeos Rope Access Specialist are based in Essex, but operates throughout the UK & beyond.