Shot Blasting

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Fangeos offer a variety of shot blasting services ensuring you of the best possible surface preparation.

  • Wet & Dry Blast Cleaning systems.
  • Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting.
  • Conventional & Airless & Electrostatic Spray Painting.
  • Specialist Rust Conversion & Stabilising Systems.

The performance of any protective coating system is dependent on the standard of surface preparation achieved. Inadequate surface preparation will lead to premature failure.

At Fangeos our aim is to prepare the substrate so that subsequent protective systems adhere and offer maximum protection and durability. No paint is applied until the complete removal of all surface contaminants is ensured.

Pressure  Washing 

This technique is often used prior to dry abrasive blast cleaning, normally in maintenance work to remove soluble contaminants  which can be impacted into the surface during the blasting process. 

Low to medium pressure water jetting can also be used to remove dust and dirt when sound mature paint films require overcoating.

All Fangeos operatives are familiar with the requirements of BS7079 Pail D3 to achieve all Standard grades of surface cleanliness

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